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– Kin
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The following results are—NO guarantee—but based on each individual's time & efforts placed on practicing.
This practice/exercise/program is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, prevent or mitigate any disease.
Always consult your physician or health care professional before undertaking any new exercise/fitness/therapy program including the practice of Taiji.

Many people may overlook the effectiveness of Taiji practice because the simplicity of its movements or form can be deceiving.
Part of the contents may seem hard to believe at times, but these are true stories of the individuals—not paid advertising.
More inspiring Taiji stories will be added as we go, so check back for updates.
Thank you.

 by Wanda Becker
Hola Kin,

Thank you for your email … your approval means a lot to me! ... I actually LOVE your corrections. That's the only way I'll ever learn. So, thank you for that!

I'm a 54 year old diabetic with 7 disintegrating cervical vertebrae, bulging discs, bone spurs in my neck, a heart murmur, and two kinds of arthritis. Every diabetic is a potential organ recipient, with stroke and heart attack being the main cause of death.

Four years ago, I started learning Tai Chi [Taiji]. My teacher taught a simple form, used for seniors. It was then that I heard about health aspects of Tai Chi. Until then, I thought of Tai Chi as just graceful movements, and a moving meditation. Soon, I noticed that my balance improved, as well as leg and arm strength. I was walking straighter and was not "caved in", with my neck sticking out, and hunched over. Most importantly, my blood sugar went down, meaning my organs were starting to work again! When you do something strenuous, like aerobics your liver releases stored sugar. With Tai Chi, there is no glucose spike. Since you are using all your muscle groups, from the tips of your toes to your eyeballs, the glucose is used quickly and evenly.

After two years, my teacher told me she had taught me all she knew, and she turned me over to my Tai Chi teacher, Kin. With Kin showing me the advanced Tai Chi movements and correcting my body positions, within 6 months I was off my diabetes medications. My organs were now "going to town" and working!

A few months later, I noticed when I turned my head that sometimes I would drop whatever I was holding, even though I wasn't in any pain. I knew something was wrong. When my neck doctor read my MRI, he asked me how much pain medicine I was taking, and how bad were my headaches. I had no pain and no headaches! Why? Because in Tai Chi, we gently move our heads from side to side and up and down [as in the form ‘Repulse Monkey’] I had built up the muscles in my neck so well. As a result, I don't need surgery. Once in awhile, I have acupuncture for minor nerve pain.
After two years of once a week lessons with Kin, and doing Tai Chi with friends and by myself, my blood sugar is normal. My cholesterol went from OVER 200 to 170, without taking medication. HDL, LDL, Triglycerides … all was normal.

Tai Chi hasn't totally "cured" me ... but it improved the quality of my life 100% … AND … I save a lot of money on co-pays!
– March-22-2005
Kin's comments:
This classmate’s testimonial was presented during my talk on “The benefits from Taijiquan practice” to the UOTA (United Organ Transplant Association) at the Chino Valley Medical Center on Sunday, 03.22.2005.

The healing benefits are results of the practitioner applying the Taiji principles she’s been learning into her own practice through repetitions. Simply knowing that Taiji has health benefits doesn’t help.

It wasn't due to the advanced movements, but rather the difference was the practitioner’s own advancement within the fundamental Taiji movements as well as the quality of the movements. The main key to point out is the PRACTITIONER, not just the practice itself. It’s also the growth of the practitioner’s consciousness & awareness of qi [chi].
Update on the benefits—medical report in April 2005: “...has the bone density of a 20-year-old.”
by Carole Mathy
Hi Kin,
You can share my story about my blood pressure [B/P].
On 6/27/05 at the doctor's office, my  B/P was 170/100. I had not been to Taiji class for 2 weeks and wasn't exercising at home as I should. The next morning I started with Taiji stretches that I could remember.
Yesterday morning it was 134/80 with pulse at 66. It is year-end close at work so I am very busy.
Sunday 7/3/05 at 6:50 a.m., BP was 130/84 with pulse at 65.
At 10:55 a.m. after Taiji class, it was 105/68 with pulse at 70.
As long as I do Taiji and meditation I seem to be able to keep my BP down.
On my drive home I felt great—calm in spirit, mind and body. Thank you so much for having me as a student.
Have a great day,
– July-3-2005
Better than meds & without the side effects.
preferred to be Anonymous
The importance of tai chi in my life:
For over three decades my life was constant, extremely high-level stress and continual interaction with various doctors. Tai chi has offset this stress tremendously and I believe I would have had a lot of health problems if I had not studied and practiced tai chi. The doctors told me they could not understand how I could continue to function on a daily basis.
I also had anxiety attacks at one time. Twice, I ended up in the emergency room. The doctor told me to “get it under control”. I used the principles of tai chi and meditation to become aware of the emotions and within two weeks I had completely eliminated all anxiety attacks and have never had another one.
Tai chi can be a life changing practice when the Tai chi principles are applied to daily living. Tai chi is a conscious part of my daily life; either in physically practicing the form, thinking about how to handle problems and stress, observing my interactions with others and maintaining physical and mental health.
I believe my good health is a result of Tai chi practice. 
[continued ... below]  

Hello Kin,

I attached my "story" about the importance of Tai chi in my life. It can be anonymous. I didn't say it in the attachment but I feel that Tai chi and your helping (all of us) have literally saved my life. I cannot go into the constant, extreme stress that I have had in my life, however, Tai chi has given me a foundation for dealing with it. You, as our instructor, have enriched our lives, given us direction and taught us so much about living our lives. You can feel free to take, delete, or change, anything that I have written. I have struggled to verbalize how Tai chi has helped me but if you feel it needs changing, please do.

Thank you for showing up every Sunday...............

– March-4-2009
Kin's comments:
Wow! Well expressed, especially for someone who's struggling to verbalize one's feeling.
Respect was given to the individual's preference to be anonymous.
No kidding—doctor told Anonymous to "get it under control." I guess it makes it more official, (perhaps more urgent) coming from a doctor.

Check out the update below:
[April-25-2009] I have more to add to my testimonial.

I went to a health fair at St. Bernardine's Hospital in San Bernardino. I got an x-ray of my ankle, which was the only joint that I "may" have a problem with, because sometimes it is weak when I stand on one leg in tai chi. The doctor looked at the x-ray and told me that I have no arthritis in my ankle (and I have no other joints that give me problems). He said I may have pulled a ligament some while ago. 

I had my bone density tested and it is 95.7% of a young adult and 110.4% of age-matched adults. I am sure this is a result of tai chi movement, lubrication of the joints and standing exercises. 

I also have exceedingly good hand grip strength which I contribute to Tai Chi movement and wrist flexibility. My hand grip scores were way above the normal figures; like 130% on one hand and 150% on the other hand.  I relate the condition of my health directly to tai chi and nutrition.

 by Kathy Coennen

I first met Kin at a health fair held at my church, when he came to do a demonstration of Tai Chi with a few of his students.

Mr. Kin’s presentation was of interest to me because I have always been a very active person, but for the past two years, my physical health has deteriorated due in part to needing knee replacement. I experienced many periodic episodes that did not allow me to perform my usual cycling, walking, swimming, and kite flying activities. I was in constant pain 24/7, and unable to sleep through the night.
The demonstration started with one of his students “walking” on to stage area on her hands and knees, like a dog! This lady was not a hard belly teenager. She is a senior citizen, who shared her story of disk problems in her back, neck, arthritis, knee problems, and was nearly in a wheel chair when she met Kin and started Tai Chi classes. She just amazed me.
After the demonstration, Kin gave a short talk about the benefits of Tai Chi and how it can bring more than just “physical” health and that it has been practiced in China for centuries. Kin just really connected with my heart. When he began to talk and our eyes met, I knew he was a high spiritual being who was there to share is knowledge and wisdom to help people achieve better health. He was doing this for fun and for free wanting nothing in return, except, perhaps to share how Tai Chi can heal and bring more than just health to anyone who wants to practice it.
I have been his student for over one year now. In the beginning I was able to cut half of the medications I was taking. I continue to practice and go to his classes even on very bad days, because it helps me. Overall, I have improved considerably, love all the classes and because of all the “good chi” within the sessions, I always feel better after practicing.
My progress is my own, and certainly not as fast as some of the other students. This past year, I had several set-backs with my body. Kin has had to teach me to walk properly again. I have been through seven physical therapists who have not noticed half of what Kin has seen and corrected in my walk, balance, and posture etc.
My goal is to progress to the point where I can do the Fan Form and Sword Form of Tai Chi practice. I highly recommend Tai Chi to anyone. I expect to be a student of Kin as long as I possibly can.
– February-4-2009
Admire her determination to keep going & working on improving, despite of her sometimes hindering conditions.
by Sylvia Taylor-Akonor
Size & more
Tai Chi has been a wonderful aid to my health transformation. I started about 3 months ago and saw results within the 1st month. I have increased energy, flexibility in my joints, helped in lowering my blood pressure, dropped 3 dress sizes and raised my metabolism. What I enjoyed most is being more in tuned with my body. Tai Chi can and should be enjoyed by all ages.
– November-9-2008
Amazing what she's done for herself in a short time, especially not being able to attend class regularly due to her schedules & other circumstances.
 by Gigi Mitchell 
Weight Loss and Health Gain

Initially I started practicing Tai Chi to incorporate exercise into my busy lifestyle. I no longer had the time nor the desire to spend long hours in the gym where after each visit I would have to soak in a tub of hot water because my muscles ached from the ruthless movements of the workouts.

I have experienced in a short time that practicing Tai Chi on a regular basis, my body change in 3-4 inches around my waist and 2 paint sizes smaller. In the past, I have attempted and failed to manage my weight through extreme liquid diets and major surgeries, such as Liposuction. With every attempt, my goals were temporary and disappointing.

Through the movements of Tai Chi my body is working with my mind, body, and soul incorporating a balance of health and wellbeing.
– March-10-2009
Also incorporated the personal training & holistic/natural supplement approach—trimmed 7 inches off the abdomen after 100 days.
 by Charles Lotts
Subtle yet Defining Art of Energies

Taiji, the name in it self is so familiar yet so unknown to many in the western world. The mysticism and the beauty of the movements alone was enough to cultivate my mind, but it wasn't until I began to practice that I would see the personal benefits from this amazing art of the energies.

I was a forklift operator for many years and suffered from a lot of back discomfort, what I found is that through the practice of Taiji my physical awareness has increased so I was able to correct my posture. Through that correction and practice I don't bother with anymore back pain. And that's just the beginning of many subtle, but very defining moments since I began to practice Taiji.
— March-15-2009 
Has only begun class for 2 months.
 by Linda Hamilton
Relief for Arthritis
About 12 years ago I had the opportunity to learn Tai Chi from Strawberry Gatts, who was a senior student of Marshall Ho and attended a weekly meditation group at our home in Redlands. She would come an hour early and teach a class on the Yang long form for anyone from the mediation group who wanted to attend.

At the time, I was suffering from osteoarthritis in my right knee. It was constantly swollen and very painful.  X-rays showed there was absolutely no trace of cartilage left and it was determined that I was eligible for a knee replacement any time. Since I was only a little over 50 at the time, I wanted to try to wait a while.

I had heard Tai Chi was good for arthritis, so I decided to give the class a try. For the first year and a half, it was painful, but I kept going and tried to practice about an hour a day. After about two years, I noticed one day that I didn’t have any pain and that my knee was no longer swollen. I thought it was too good to be true, but except for a few incidents when I jarred my knee by running or jumping, I have been pretty much pain free since then. That was 10 years ago

My teacher moved away around that time, but I kept practicing on my own and finally met Kin Lam, who taught me the Yang short form and greatly improved my overall skill.

Around that time, I also started teaching Tai Chi at the two senior centers in Redlands. Even though I felt my skill level was not what it should be, I thought I could contribute something to the well-being of seniors. Today, I’m happy to say both classes are still going and at any given time, I probably have about 30 students. My morning class usually has 15-20 attending, many of whom have been coming for years. Each quarter, we all go out for coffee and over the years, strong relationships have been built. The class is ongoing, but new people can join at any time and are warmly welcomed by the group. Many in the group testify to have improved balance and an increase in overall well-being.

And I am happy to report that my knee feels better than ever. I am beginning to think I may never need a replacement as long as I keep doing Tai Chi!
Happy for her results & accomplishment. Proud of her sharing the art with more people.
 by Steven John
Four years ago I went for my yearly physical. I was diagnosed with a fast, irregular heartbeat and reduced lung function. The doctor put me on Advair and put me in touch with a cardiologist. The Advair made me extremely agitated and I quit it right away.
The cardiologist recommended a calcium channel blocker and Coumadin. I refused the Coumadin but tried to use the calcium channel blocker. This took all my physical energy away and I stopped the medication and quit seeing doctors.
I researched the calcium channel blockers and found the major side effect was it could cause a stroke or heart attack. So in other words, it can cause what you are trying to avoid. My thoughts turned to yoga, meditation, and acupuncture. All might be the answer, but none seem to slow down my heartbeat for long.
Then I saw Kin doing a Tai Chi demonstration at White Park. I decided this is what I am going to do the rest of my life. I practice every day and usually go to Kin's class, and the group at White Park. I also take private lessons from Kin.
You must do Tai Chi everyday and it isn't simple to learn. In two years my balance has greatly improved, I am more relaxed and my heart rate seems to have slowed down. It has been worth the effort and I will do it until I drop. I am 67 and still skiing. My thanks again to Kin.
— March-29-2009
A very determined learner who is taking improving & taking control of his own health. 
 by Bob Harold
Motrin-free in Motion
As you have taught us: " 100 days and you can rid yourself of a habit", so have I learned.
By dedication to a focused pursuit of a goal I have been able to use "chi" to change my spirit, mind and body.  I have lost weight ( from 223lbs to 169lbs); reduced the intake of Motrin from 2400mg/day to "if needed" use; and, best of all, quit smoking.
Tai Chi has improved my range of motion, flexibility, balance and strength. It is subtle in the way it changes the player, but the changes are profound.
You once mentioned the importance of crawling before walking. Thank you for teaching this 61 year old to crawl.
— April-5-2009
Incredible accomplishments—very proud & happy for Bob as is his family. His willingness to suspend his disbelief to explore, learn & relearn makes it rewarding, especially coming from someone with a vast medical & pharmaceutical as well as martial arts background & experience.

 by Jim Sommer


You are welcome to share my experience with others. I have had a few "experiences" in my life which I cannot explain in mere words. Each of these "experiences" came unexpectedly and seemingly from nowhere. And each had a profound effect on me. At my age (68) I'm looking forward to the life balance that Taiji seems to promise. (And no, I will not seek it nor grasp for it.)

— Jan-14-2010
Great job! Especially when he h as only started taking Taiji classes for about 3 months. During the hands-on crrections at the workshop, I could feel his Taiji form more relaxed. The improvement on his practice was evident towards the end of the workshop. His progress has continued at the 2nd workshop at a later time on the same day. 
See also >>Tuina for his other experience.                                                             
Thank you for visiting.
Hope it was encouraging enough for you to start your own Taiji path toward wellness.
Please check back again soon for more stories! 
Inspiring true stories from different walks of lives.

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Nothing seems to be constant
Even Yin/Yang are evolving
Only change is constant
Yin/Yang are constantly changing
Change is a law of Nature
Everything will come to past
As changes of Yin/Yang mature
Only Qi will ever last

– Kin –