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– Kin
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Taiji DVD
Simplified 10-Form Taijiquan
3 versions: Regular, modified & seated especially for individuals who are 
recovering from injury, surgery, or illness, & wheelchair-bound.
Length: 2 hours
 $15 each +S/H(or other arrangements to pick up)
All sales final: no refund or return, only exchange within 30 days 
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Currently only available by calling (909) 948-1288 
or e-mail: kinerqi@gmail.com
PRACTICE T-shirt: $15.00 each + S/H
Available in black & white colors; other colors depending on stocks
Sizes: S, M, L, XL, XXL, XXXL (extra $1.00 for XXL & XXXL)
PRACTICE Polo: $25.00 each + S/H
To order call: (909) 948-1288
PRACTICE-wear online order will be available at a later time.
Please also check back for other products: coming soon!
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Nothing seems to be constant
Even Yin/Yang are evolving
Only change is constant
Yin/Yang are constantly changing
Change is a law of Nature
Everything will come to past
As changes of Yin/Yang mature
Only Qi will ever last

– Kin –