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– Kin
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            Outdoor classes: call (909) 948-1288 
        for details & a free trial class
   Qigong class & therapy sessions at
                   Dr. Maria's Aesthetic/Anti-Aging Clinic
                   890 S Arroyo Parkway, Pasadena, CA 91105
                         By appointments only: (626) 403-9000
                   Regular Taiji & Taiji Sword classes
                   at CMC (Claremont McKenna College)
                         (only for registered Claremont Colleges students/staff)
                         Corporate Taiji class:
                   Thursday—12:30 PM Kaiser Permanente-Riverside
                   Physicians & staff only (not opened to public)
                          Program has completed
  Other classes available by appointments:
             private 1-on-1 or group, workshop, seminar,
             demo/presentation, personal training/coaching.
            Please call (909) 948-1288 for more info
            Email: kinerqi@gmail.com

  Tuina & Reflexology

              Tuina is a Chinese modality of bodywork 

             & hands-on as well as energetic therapy


Inspiring true stories from different walks of lives.

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Nothing seems to be constant
Even Yin/Yang are evolving
Only change is constant
Yin/Yang are constantly changing
Change is a law of Nature
Everything will come to past
As changes of Yin/Yang mature
Only Qi will ever last

– Kin –